How To Select The Right Wedding Venue?

Wedding always ring bells and preparing for wedding rings all the bells in your head. Especially when you want to have the wedding of your dream and needs to make everything perfect. But to start making things perfect you have to find the ideal wedding venues where you can have the wedding that you always wanted to have. There are a few things you need to do before finalizing the wedding venue. As it was always good to make the prepared decision rather than doing things aimlessly.

Budget: Yes, everything needs money. In the case of the wedding, it will be about money if you want to make your wedding special. Always make an advance budget estimate of your wedding expense and it should be detailed. Covering all the activities and things you have in mind. You can afford to have any surprises in the later stages. One has to manage finances for their wedding, long before their wedding date. Be smart, vigilant and very precise in this regard.

Guest List: This is tricky. You cannot have an unlimited guest at your wedding but you will never want to miss anyone important. Take your time with it, even discuss this with your family and friends, maybe they will help you to get the all right people on the list. The higher the number of guests, the more you have to spend. But if you can’t manage to miss anyone important, it can be embarrassing for you. While you planning your budget for the wedding, the guest list is the most important factor in it because the whole budget will be designed as per the number of your guest. Also, the venue you will choose must be big enough to handle all your guests.

Must-Haves: Sit with your friend, family and your partner. Decide what are must-haves for your wedding. You might not be able to afford all the thing that you have on your mind. But they all can help you to get the best things out of your bucket list. This means that you will not feel that you have left anything important. All the right people will be along with you in this decision.

Choosing the Venue: After setting your priorities right, you will be clear that which venue will be more suitable for you. Outdoor part, vacation spot, marquee or church. It is better to at least have 3 spots on your list. Visit them personally. Send the general questionnaire to the management of all these venues. Also, get the estimate as per your wedding plan and guest count. After getting responses, you can calculate the pros and cons of each venue. Select the venue that you think most suitable as per your preferences.

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